Want to Join Psychic Agency Australia?

Psychic Agency Australia is an online Psychic Directory that offers verified psychics the opportunity to promote themselves online.

Psychic Agency offers

  • Psychic Directory Listings
  • Coaching
  • Merchandise
  • Event Strategy
  • Banners
  • Media Network
  • Phone Lines
  • Show-reels
  • Gloss training
  • How to improve your business

Interested in joining? Simply send your details via the form below:

Psychic Agency Australia interview process:

  1. An initial 25 minute Skype interview to confirm you qualify for registration.
  2. We will then supply you with further information regarding your verification. We will require official identification from you, which must match the registration name you have chosen.
  3. A subscription of A$250 for 12 months is then requested and a digital verification stamp is placed on profile picture with a security number.
  4. The Agency will load your profile and make it live.
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