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January 31, 2017
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Tonia Reeves


Tonia Reeves

My name is Tonia Reeves and I am a psychic medium. My love of all things country, my horses, our farm in Sunday Creek Victoria, combined with my passion for mediumship is my life path.
​I live, eat and breathe it!
​My life so far has come about through my commitment to following my passion and soul purpose albeit in total authenticity. This has allowed me to connect to the most amazing clients from throughout the world.

I am here to serve spirit to give you undeniable evidence that your loved ones that have passed are still around to support you and offer you guidance.
I feel honoured to be able to connect to you through either private readings, Louise Hay workshops or coaching or platform demonstrations.
​The empowerment and healing that takes place during any of these sessions is mind blowing. I pride myself on my repeat customers and recommendations that always keep me busy.

​I offer readings at our property in Sunday Creek, via skype, phone or email (recorded readings) I am also often touring Australia at various venues.
Are you looking for guidance and clarity?
Do you often question your decisions? Are you missing someone in spirit and would love that reassurance that they are around you? Do you want clarity in which direction to take?
I tune in and make that connection so I can give you evidential information that is clear and empowering for you.
Intuitively you know exactly the right decisions for you and I am here to help you activate that intuition. My role is to facilitate you to have the confidence to know what is right for you and follow that path. We all have that sixth sense but often we over think it and start to doubt.
We are now at a time where more and more of us will tune in for ourselves ( as we once did many years before )and we will become confident of our ‘ knowing ‘ and life will flow.
Life wasn’t meant to be difficult it’s just sometimes we have lessons to learn and by tuning into our intuition we won’t make the same mistakes over and over. We all have the ability to change anything in our lives!
Do you need to change something?
Let me help you on your journey!
It’s my honor to be of service to you
Tonia Reeves x

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