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Ric Slater


Ric Slater

Psychic Tarot Reader / Crysal Healing Practitioner / Spiritual-Holistic Counsellor / Reiki Practitioner

I counsel on issues of life and help others find their path, as spirit shows me. I can help you with relationships, past life regressions, soul mates & career choices. I have a Diploma in Tarot & am a second generation intuitive.

I have been reading for over 15 years and I’m the guy to talk to when you need clear advice that is grounded in concrete everyday terms while I lay out the cards for you. You are entitled to every possible happiness you can imagine. All you need is someone to point out the pit flals so that you can avoid them and reap the dreams you deserve.

With crystal healing, I am able to see where there are blockages in each person’s chakra centres and help to clear and blockages that may be causing imbalance in those areas. Each type of crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency and there are specific crystals that can be used for each individual chakra centre to assist with clearing and re-balancing.


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