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Megan Williams


Megan Williams

I Have slipped beyond the doorway of my physical existence on many occasions. My first memories of spirit encounter was when I was a young child. A wolf used to observe my through my bedroom window.  I now know spirit can take on many forms, they are shapeshifters. This was my introduction to Animal Totems and Power animals.

I believe majick and mystiscm is not for the chosen few, I believe we can all reason intelligently from the known to the unknown. I am psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient and I work with the seasonal wheel.  I have predictive dreams and the outcomes have been verified.

I am a reiki channel and natural born healer.  I am authentic and honest, I am always true to my word. I have studied past life regression, I love to work with oracles and have a majickal crystal ball which I believe is a portal to many dimensions. I have a great affinity with nature spirits and Animal Totems .


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