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Jacinta Feeley


Jacinta Feeley

From a young age Jacinta has had the ability to see, hear and feel spirit. As you can imagine those younger years were challenging, as she recalls being like that little boy from the Sixth Sense, trying to hide under the sheets from all those ghosts/spirits! Instead of staying in fear Jacinta was guided well and learnt how to harness and enhanceher ability by studying a range of different healing/spiritual modalities and obtaining many qualifications.This is an ongoing process as we all continue to evolve and the following are just some of the skills obtained over the years:

  • Spiritual/Psychic Medium
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Tibetan Reiki Master
  • Spiritual Counselor and Advisor
  • Trance Channel
  • Melchizedek Method Teacher
  • Outdoor Recreation and Fitness/Personal Trainer
  • Animal Healing/Communication
  • Registered School Teacher
  • Over 20 years experience working with both children and adults in the Education, Welfare and Health Industries, which allows her to cater for all age groups accordingly.

Ultimately the way Jacinta works is by scanning your energy to assess where the disharmony is and what needs to be done to clear it. Technically there is no fixed formula as everyone is unique and spirit is always focused on your highest good at the time of the consultation. It is by allowing spirit to empower you, you begin to consciously understand your past-lives, your belief systems and what you can and need to do about them. It’s about owning “your stuff” and learning how to release those negative behavioural patterns or ties. Jacinta is a channel for spirit to communicate to you and whether that is a deceased loved one or a spirit guide will depend on what spirit decides. In addition to that Jacinta is also a Trance Channel, which means that as required she allows an Angel, Ascended Master, or Spirit Guide speak through her to communicate to you direct.

Jacinta also has a strong connection to animals and has been blessed with the ability to communicate with them. Our animals are our messengers and present as mirrors to us so if your pet becomes ill, always be sure to check in with what part of you is in need of healing!

In essence we are the best healers of ourselves, sometimes we just need a little help!


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