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Psychic Agency Australia provides an online directory of verified psychics Australia-wide. It features individual psychic mediums and attests to their competency in using their gifts. We also advertise psychic medium events, as well as offering training and coaching. Psychic Agency Australia is a professional agency that encourages standardization in the psychic industry.

Founded and operated by Rene Barics.

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Medium Rene Barics 2013 Psychic of the Year (VIC)

Voted by her peers in the Australian Psychics Association.

Rene is a regular guest on Psychic TV for the past three years and will be a regular guest on the new Psychic TV Australia on channel 72 which is channel seven. Rene has also appeared on Channel 31 and in That’s Life, New Idea, Whitelight magazine, and Alternative Voice.

Rene is a main stage presenter on mediumship and also conducts seminars and is also an exhibitor with Mind Body Spirit Festival which is the largest festival in Australia.

Rene is a Metaphysical educator that educates in spiritual development, psychic development, and training, mediumship training, as well as Trans-Healing Medic Intuitive, with also being qualified as a Reiki Master practitioner trainer. Rene is proficient in alchemy, Numerology, Tarot, Geomancy (House Clearings), and Melchizedek Methods. Rene has a range of healing modalities (Medic Intuitive)  including poultices and herbal remedies and teas.

Rene Barics is the founder of Psychic Agency Australia and agent for logistic sub-contracting employment for the agency. Founder of Live Events Australia, Soullove Wellbeing Centre, Spiritual Foundation of Australia, and Medium Entertainers.

Rene is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, with twenty-five years of experience full-time. Rene is recognized as a psychic medium platform presenter that is known for her down-to-earth straightforward precision in accuracy and knowledge for any situation. Rene travels all over Australia with her readings and stage work to connect to as many people as she can with guidance and proof of survival to the other side. Rene is an upcoming author and event manager and psychic agent for psychic agency Australia.

Rene Barics holds a Trainer Assessor Educator IV LLN with the government.

Spiritual & Psychic Development  (10 WEEKS)

Spiritual & Psychic Development (10 WEEKS)


$500      ** All payments for courses are non refundable **

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Mediumship Development  (10 WEEKS)

Mediumship Development (10 WEEKS)


$500      ** All payments for courses are non refundable **

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Training Courses

Coaching and Strategy for Business

Coaching and Strategy for Business

One on One training course will assist you to develop key business skills and strategies. One on One training duration is 1.5 hrs.

$150   ** All payments for the training are non refundable **

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How to operate a successful business

How to operate a successful business

One on One training course will teach you how to promote and develop a successful business. One on One training duration is 1.5 hrs.

$150   ** All payments for the training are non-refundable **

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